1. The name of the site is
  2. The Website may collect information about users and their behavior using:
    1. Voluntarily entered information into forms by users.
    2. Cookies saved on end devices.
    3. Web server logs collected by the hosting service provider.
  3. The website only collects information voluntarily provided by the user.
  4. The website may additionally save information about the properties of the connection, for example: the time of access to the website or the IP of the visitor.
  5. Data from the forms may be made available to third parties only with the consent of the user.
  6. The data stored in the form is processed in accordance with the purpose of the form. This may be, for example, sending a request to the administration.
  7. Cookies are IT data, especially text files stored in the website user's end device.
  8. The person placing cookies on the website user's end device and gaining access to them is the website operator.
  9. Cookies are used for the purposes of:
    1. Creating statistics that help to understand how website users use the website.
    2. Maintaining the user's session after logging in to the website, so that the user does not have to log in to each subpage.
    3. Determine the user's profile in order to display him tailored advertising content.
  10. The website uses two types of cookies:
    1. Session – temporary files placed on the user's end device until he logs out, leaves the website or turns off the web browser.
    2. Permanent – files stored in the user's end device for the time specified in the parameters or until manual deletion by the user.
  11. By default, the web browser allows cookies to be stored on the user's end device. You can change this depending on your preferences. The web browser allows you to delete cookies or block them. For information, see your web browser's help materials or documentation.
  12. If the use of cookies is restricted, certain functionalities available on the website may be limited.
  13. Some user behaviors of the site may be logged in the server layer. Such data is used for the administration of the website. They ensure the efficiency of the services provided by the hosting operator. The resources viewed are distinguished by the URL.
  14. The following may also be saved:
    1. The time of arrival of the query.
    2. The time of arrival of the answer.
    3. The name of the client station identified by HTTP.
    4. Information about errors encountered when executing HTTP transactions.
    5. The URL of the previously visited page by the user. This is the so-called referer link and it is processed when you go to the website via the link.
    6. Information about the user's web browser.
    7. Information such as IP address.
  15. The above data is not associated with specific people browsing the website. Such data is used exclusively for server administration purposes.
  16. In the event of legitimate circumstances, the data may be made available to the relevant external authorities.
  17. The portal does not identify natural persons by the data it uses.
  18. The Operator may be obliged to provide information collected by the service to authorized bodies when there are legally justified requests.
  19. If you do not want to use cookies, you can change this in your browser settings. The Website informs that if you disable cookies necessary for authentication, security and saving user settings, the use of the website may be difficult or impossible.


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