Earning extra money.

Earning extra money at home doesn't have to be boring and difficult. Today, the Internet network, and not only it, offers many different opportunities to earn money, just in time for an additional source of income after hours. Why do many people decide on this form of earnings?

They usually need extra money for one of their expenses. These can be everyday matters, such as bills, repairing the family budget, but also matters related to pleasant spending of free time, such as trips or concerts.

Simple physical work.

There are many portals where you can look for additional orders for yourself. You'll be amazed at how often people need help from others and are willing to pay for it. Maybe it is also worth asking friends or someone from nearby companies if they do not need a helper? Earning extra money in Poland may be a bit more difficult than abroad, but it's still worth trying. If only for the mere fact of incurring your own qualifications, satisfaction and the opportunity to save a certain amount of money.

Removal of equipment.

If you are strong and healthy, you can look for orders such as "I'm looking for help with bringing" or "I will give it away for free". If you take equipment from someone, sometimes quite efficient,you can get paid for it, and sell the equipment itself on the auction portal or scrap metal purchase. People offering such orders are usually elderly people who no longer have the strength to meet them. Maybe in addition to easy earnings, you will like the fact of helping others?

Mystery shopper.

There are a lot of offers on the market for the so-called mystery shoppers, whose task is to verify the quality of service in a specific store. If you find such an opportunity, you will have to visit the store, ask for a few things according to the received scenario and write down a protocol, which will then be sent to the company. It is true that this is not a way to earn PLN 1,000 a day, but you will always get some money in your pocket and it will allow you to accumulate additional savings. What's more, when you prove yourself as a mystery shopper, you will be able to count on more orders of this type and an increase in the size of remuneration in the future.

Help for the elderly.

Older people often need help with simple, everyday activities. They may ask you to clean your apartment, take out the garbage, shop or care. You can ask your family, friends, or people in Facebook groups about these assignments. If you win the favor of an older person, you will even be able to make it a source of steady income. Well, caring for an elderly person is an ongoing process, and even if they don't have enough money, you'll probably be rewarded by their family, who for equal reasons and circumstances won't be able to take on such care. What should you watch out for? Elderly people often have their "moods" and you will often meet with their unjust claims about trivial matters. The worst thing is when their memory starts to fail in their older years and then you can be accused of theft. Hence, it is not a job for everyone. A lot of patience and understanding will certainly be required of you.


Do you think you have manual skills? Can you create your little work of art? Simple toys, cups or jewelry can be sold through advertising portals. Perhaps you will come across someone looking for a nice and original gift. Or maybe you are able to undertake something more ambitious, such as painting pictures or writing icons? This type of hobby can become a source of additional income for you, bringing a lot of profit. If your works are good enough, then you can become a recognizable artist, and the value of your works will increase significantly.

Work via the Internet.

Many people wonder how to earn big money in a short time via the Internet. It's certainly not as simple as it may seem. Unfortunately, no one will pay you to mindlessly sit in front of the computer. Even when watching ads, you have to answer short questions. In the article, we deliberately omitted the description of such activities as completing surveys or watching ads due to their low profitability when having to spend a lot of time.

We focused on more profitable sources of online earning. After all, each of us would like to earn money relatively quickly and in a reasonable time. If you spend a lot of time on something that brings you a pittance and does not allow you to develop, then give it up out of respect for your own time. It will be better if you take care of something more profitable.

Tutoring via Skype.

If you are familiar with a field, you can take advantage of this by providing paid consultations via Skype. These can be classic school tutoring, but also knowledge in the field of accounting or personal development. You can also be a career counselor and help with your job search. There are quite a lot of possibilities.

There is still a shortage of programmers on the market, hence many people decide to change their career path by taking a course on programming. One of the good ideas for your own additional business is to provide tutoring in a selected field of programming. Not only can it be quite a profitable occupation, but you also have the opportunity to consolidate your knowledge by passing it on to others. After all, you need to prepare for each lesson by collecting the necessary material and developing it in a form that is accessible to the student. Another good idea is to learn foreign languages. Today, knowledge of English has become a basic knowledge, and knowledge of several foreign languages is no longer unusual. Hence, there is a constant demand for teaching a foreign language,and by practicing it with a student, you practice it yourself. In this way, you consolidate his acquaintance at home. Just make sure you have a good internet connection. If the quality of the connection is low, your lessons will turn into torment.


If you have knowledge and competence in some field, you can look for a job on freelancer portals. It is good to have a prepared portfolio, presentations of previous projects and opinions of satisfied customers. There are hundreds of orders, and although the beginnings are not easy, over time you will be able to accumulate good ratings and get more orders more easily.

As freelancers, computer graphic designers, programmers, musicians and multimedia professionals, SEO specialists, virtual secretaries or students who want to make up for their budget will find themselves. Orders can be really different and do not have to be complicated. This can be moderating forums, publishing blog posts, contacting customers. Outsourcing tasks to freelancers is very profitable for companies, due to the possibility of cutting costs. They do not have to hire employees to perform simple tasks, and they can outsource them to professionals. Of course, there may be a situation when, after several successful projects, a company will commission you to cooperate on a permanent basis. Then you have to judge for yourself whether you prefer to work for one or many clients. Probably working for a single client, you will be "inundated" with tasks and you will run out of time for further offers.

In addition to knowing the field, you will certainly need the ability to negotiate prices and sell your own skills.


Do you have good photographic equipment and can you use it? You can use it to sell your work on photo sites. There are quite a lot of such services, the competition is huge and, as a result, the earnings are rather small. However, you can take on orders such as product photography, wedding sessions or others.

In this case, it is difficult to earn a permanent income on the Internet. There is a lot of competition on stock sites and you have to be really good to be able to stand out above it. Despite this, the publication of photos on the Internet can be treated as a good source of passive income. In addition, there will always be a demand for wedding photos, integration events, family gatherings or other occasions, such as baptisms and first Holy Communions. The downside is the need to have expensive photographic equipment, but being a professional, you can always gradually expand your hardware facilities.


Something for people who like and know how to write. Very often, SEO agencies are looking for people to write texts for the purpose of positioning websites in search engines. Rates for text vary, due to the quality and purpose of the text. Since web browsers are text-based, it is important that the written text is readable for both humans and the search robot. Google indexes content in such a way as to reward articles that are as useful, up-to-date and accessible as possible. Think about whether your text does not sound artificial due to too much saturation with keywords?

Writing texts for SEO can be started by writing texts for yourself, for example, for your own blog. Then you can use an advertisement, establishing permanent cooperation with a company, publishing house or using websites where offers for copywriters are collected.

A previously written blog will certainly help you in this, where samples of your texts will be collected. Clients, after getting acquainted with them, will be more willing to entrust you with more serious, better paid orders.

These are not all ways to make money quickly, sitting at home and not only.

There are a lot of ways to earn extra money. So you don't have to limit yourself to earning money by spending overtime at work. Too much attachment to one occupation and excessive commitment to duties can lead to burnout, which is an unpleasant state in which you will not be able to give 100% commitment at work. This translates mainly into smaller professional effects.

Truth be told, you are limited only by your imagination. People are able to pay not only for difficult things that they cannot cope with, but also for trivialities for which they do not have time. This is a great opportunity for you to develop your competences and skills, and at the same time earn a certain amount of money. In our opinion, it is worth engaging in additional work, especially one that will be related to your passion. Who knows, maybe your interests will turn out to be extremely profitable? Maybe you can turn a hobby into a profit or even a primary source of income.


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